Ben Klibreck and the Flow Country of Caithness, Scotland. Original watercolour painting.

Keith Tilley

Hello, I am a watercolour artist in the North of Scotland. My interest is the landscape and its history.


Watercolour painting of a view along a road, with a cottage and tall trees.


Original watercolour painting by Keith Tilley, of a snowy landscape, with a dark, cloudy sky and an isolated farm cottage.

Farm Cottage in the Snow

Shadows at Calder. Original watercolour by Keith Tilley. View in a hamlet in Caithness, northern Scotland.

Autumn Shadows at Calder

Strabeg Bothy, a mountain refuge in Sutherland, Scotland. Original watercolour.

Strabeg Bothy

Loch Calder and Ben Dorrery, Caithness. Original watercolour.

Shimmering Light on Loch Calder

Ruined Croft Near Freswick, Caithness, Scotland. Original watercolour.

Ruined Croft Near Freswick

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About Me

Water and pigment, for me it's a magical combination.

I find my inspiration in the effect of light and weather on the landscape. Dramatic stormy skies, or days when scudding clouds cast shadows on the ground; each is equally interesting. Old, crumbling buildings are another subject that I look for. I love their interesting shapes, and their nooks and crannies, as well as the sense of history in them.

My work is in watercolour. I paint in a traditional manner, inspired especially by late 19th and early 20th Century masters.

I come from an artistic family and I have always had an interest in art of various kinds. I spent a short time following a more conventional career in agricultural research, but my creativity needed an outlet. I chose to take a different direction with my life, and I taught myself how to paint with watercolour.

The artist standing in front of paintings hanging on wall in exhibition.

I grew up in the south of England, but my mother was Scottish, which gave me a love of Scotland and its landscapes. I now live in Caithness, and my studio is on the edge of the wild and open Flow Country. I have shown my work throughout the Highland area, and have had buyers from the UK, USA and Europe. Since 2007, I have exhibited with the Society of Caithness Artists. In the first year I was fortunate to attract the attention of His Majesty King Charles III. Since then the King has become a regular patron and has built a large collection of my paintings at the Castle of Mey.

The artist standing at an easel while painting at the Castle of Mey


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